The ClearVoice Platform captures patient generated health information to reveal insights and transform them into actionable data. Our customers use ClearVoice to deliver higher quality clinical programs at significantly lower cost.

Appropriate CARE

A study using the ClearVoice Platform determined that 75% of issues cancer patients identified as causing distress were best handled by a professional other than a doctor or nurse. 


reduced length of stay

Our Distress Screening and Advanced Care Planning modules were used to facilitate ICU Family Meetings, resulting in a 4-day reduction in the average ICU stay.



A surgery department was able to re-allocate 3 staff members to other duties by using the ClearVoice Platform for self-serve patient assessments, increasing capacity in a 9 person department.


The ClearVoice Platform

Our easy to use data collection tools interoperate with EHRs to provide a comprehensive approach to capturing and analyzing patient generated health information. Connect with patients in and outside of the clinic, create custom response triggers, alerts and document delivery to fit your organization. Use our turnkey solutions to make patient generated health information available for any service line, without involving expensive and time consuming IT resources. Our most popular modules include:

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Distress Screening

The ClearVoice distress screening solution provides an evidence-based method for identifying and managing psychosocial distress by engaging with patients through tablet, smart phone or computer. With its robust workflow referral and reporting capabilities, ClearVoice is used by leading cancer centers to fulfill the distress screening requirement for accreditation by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer.

Developed over the course of 15 years and more than 20,000 screenings, ClearVoice enables the seamless integration of social and behavioral screening into any clinical program to deliver actionable insights at the point of care, longitudinal tracking and analytics for population health management. This flexible solution can be configured by non-IT staff to serve custom content and support specific clinical workflow needs.

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Advance Care Planning

The ClearVoice advance care planning module is a proprietary program that helps individuals consider and communicate their end-of-life wishes. ClearVoice interoperates with enterprise systems such as EHRs, giving users and providers peace of mind knowing an individual’s complete wishes are documented and can be easily retrieved during critical moments. 

This essential tool facilitates a values-based conversation through an easy-to-use web interface. The experience can be customized based on health status, making it a popular choice for organizations that want to increase advance care planning awareness and introduce it to healthy populations as well as those facing serious illness.

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Patient Reported Outcomes

The the need to track patient progress over time has risen in parallel with the expansion of value-based payments, which require managing the health of the whole patient with fewer traditional encounters. Factor in advances in technology, and the environment is ripe for a transformation in how we capture patient information. Enter ClearVoice Health, which provides a highly flexible platform for the collection and management of patient reported outcomes.

Patient Reported Outcomes are poised to become the new standard for quality measures

Our Team

ClearVoice Leadership

   Tom Valdivia MD, Co-Founder           and Executive Chairman  

   Tom Valdivia MD, Co-Founder           and Executive Chairman


       Quinn Montgomery, CEO

       Quinn Montgomery, CEO

       Kathy Bristow, VP Product

       Kathy Bristow, VP Product

             Scott Kroyer, CTO

             Scott Kroyer, CTO


Jon Einess
Co-Founder and Board Member
3M Company

David Goldsteen, MD
Board Member
VigiLanz Corporation

Kyle Rolfing
Business Advisor
Bright Health



Deane Wolcott, MD
Clinical Advisor
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

Jeffery Rubins, MD
Clinical Advisor
Hennepin County Medical Center

Finly Zachariah, MD
Clinical Advisor
City of Hope





Our Story

The software at the heart of ClearVoice Health, originally called SupportScreen, was developed at City of Hope National Medical Center in Duarte, California and was recognized as the most effective approach to identifying and treating psychosocial distress in cancer patients. Enhanced over the course of 15 years through extensive research to determine best practices for querying patients and integrating responses into workflow, the ClearVoice Platform has emerged as a comprehensive solution for capturing and analyzing any patient generated health information across the care continuum.

Our clients and partners are some of the leading healthcare organizations in the nation. With the full suite of ClearVoice solutions, they collect patient generated health information and use it in innovative ways to inform care and better understand their population. The ability to align care to patient wishes and individual needs as well as track outcomes over time has become critical to value based payment models and regulatory reporting. ClearVoice Health's flexible platform allows organizations to start collecting patient generated health information immediately and then adapt and expand as needs evolve. The flexibility and ease-of-use of the ClearVoice Platform has made us the leader in patient generated health information solutions.


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